DOLLAR-BILL.BIZ.COM Review (Registration and withdrawal) Scam or legit ?


DOLLAR-BILL.BIZ.COM Review (Registration and withdrawal) Scam or legit ?


Investment platform are many in this present day Nigeria, A good Review of this platforms is very important before investment. That is why takes it upon her self to research and give a detail review of these platforms. Mind you, your investment and action are still at your own risk. Ours is to share with you what we know sofar.

HOW IT WORKS  is an investment platform where members invest their and make daily profit for setting numbers of day 15, 25, 55 respectively depending on the investment plan you subscribe to.

DOLLAR-BILL.BIZ.COM Review (Registration and withdrawal) Scam or legit ?
DOLLAR-BILL.BIZ.COM Review (Registration and withdrawal) Scam or legit ? also have referral program where investors earns 10% commission on first level referral 5% on second level referral 1% on level three referral respectively.


DOLLAR-BILL 1 …..invest 1000 earn 300 daily for 15 days

Dollar bill 2 …….invest 5000 earn 350 daily for 25 days

Dollar bill 3 …..invest 10000 earn 800 daily for 30 days

Dollar bill 4…..invest 30000 earn 2700 daily for 35 days

Dollar bill 5…..invest 50000 earn 5000 daily for 40 days


Dollar bill 6 …..invest 10000 earn 11000 daily for 45 days

Dollar bill 7…..invest 300000 earn 39000 daily for 50 days

Dollar bill 8 …. invest 500000 earn 75000 daily for 55 days.

Commission and Referrals

Dollar biz gives 12% commission for first level referal, 6% commission for second level referral, 7% commission when the second level referral invites a friend and 6% referral amount when the referral buys a product on

How to Do Withdrawal On

Withdrawal is made on through individual bank account, the investor will have to bind his/her bank account to the platform and get paid.

The minimum withdrawal is 1000.

How to Register

To register on

1. Visit the official website:

2. Fill your details on the fill provided

3. Sign up

Is A Scam

For a new Platform no one can tell if it a scam or not but a platform that has a product for sale like do find it hard a bit to fall, Even when it does, that should be a business uncertainty. Nevertheless invest with your spare money.


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